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    Relationship Themes in Suicide Notes

    Years ago I worked in a psychiatric emergency room in a large metropolitan hospital. My job consisted of evaluating a steady stream of patients to determine whether they should be hospitalized or sent elsewhere. I saw people in the throes of mania, psychosis and suicidal …

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    Staving Off Seaonal Affective Disorder

    Even though the current 80+ degree weather we’re experiencing here in Minnesota belies the shift from summer to fall, it’s difficult to completely shut out of awareness the fact that colder temperatures and shorter days on their way. Leaves have started to litter my yard, …

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    Women, Depression, & Caffeine: Turning a Critical Eye on Research Reports

    A recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine that describes the relationship between women’s caffeine consumption (primarily through coffee) and risk for developing depression has been all the buzz (pun intended) over the past few days. The story was picked up by numerous …

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    Therapists Don’t Dance. Do They?

    About a month ago I attended a wedding in Sonoma, California. Before the ceremony, I made random small talk with one of the other guests. We covered occupation and connection to the bride and groom, moved on to comments about the beautiful setting, and then …

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    The Illusion of Control

    When I was a kid, I was always fascinated by magic tricks. Whether it was simple coin tricks or watching David Copperfield walk through the Great Wall of China on television, I always wanted to know: How do they do that? By the time I …

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  • Suicide and the Golden Gate Bridge

    Last weekend I traveled to San Fransisco for a wedding. While there, I spent some time taking in the sights, including the famed Golden Gate Bridge. At the north end of the bridge, I found this crisis phone and a sign exhorting individuals considering suicide …

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