• InBetween E1399391590986

    In Between

    One of my favorite times of day is twilight. The sun has set, painting what colors it will against the clouds on the horizon, and darkness has begun to fall, but just barely. The sky is a soft blue-black and the streetlights are just beginning …

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  • Tree in Winter

    Weather vs. Climate

    Hello, Minnesota! Welcome to winter! There’s no more denying the past few days of subzero temperatures, snow, and ice here in the Twin Cities. Winter is no longer coming. It has arrived. I tromp out into the snow in the mornings, my breath fogging the …

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  • Moreperspective

    More Perspective

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  • Photo

    Happiness Is

    Are you happy? Do you find yourself seeking happiness? And if so, where do you look? If you come up short on answers to those questions, don’t fret; they’re all trick questions, focused on the achievement of happiness, rather than the experience of it. Let …

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  • Img 05471


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  • My Eight Minutes of Fame: DNTO Radio Interview

    I was recently interviewed by Sook-Yin Lee of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s show, Definitely Not the Opera (DNTO). The theme of the show was letters that have changed your life. I had the opportunity to speak about my research on suicide notes. You can download …

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